Sandboxie 5.26

Software that keeps programs running separately to ensure system security

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows NT / Windows XP

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    7.1 (169)

Avoid common nuisances virus before they happen with Sandboxie, a small and aptly named "sandbox" app. Sandboxes refer to a program that works by running programs in an isolated space on the user's computer. Doing this prevents malicious programs and viruses from making any permanent changes to your computer, and the program sets up safe zones where users can place any programs, apps or links that they suspect might be harmful. This allows users to test or try things out without having to worry about changes being made to their computer or virus infections for as long as the program is contained.

Malicious programs are trapped inside the sandbox and can be easily removed, free of hassle. Files created inside Sandboxie remain inside Sandboxie and are automatically deleted once the app is closed, but can be easily retrieved through a special 'Quick Recovery' program.

This is not, however, a valid replacement for a standard anti-virus app. Sandboxie only allows users to try out unfamiliar programs, but it cannot remove virus infections when they occur and is better used as a tool for advanced computer users as a method of assessing unfamiliar programs.


  • The documentation provided with Sandboxie's download is comprehensive and easy to understand.
  • Sandboxie runs inconspicuously in the background, without interfering with daily computer use.
  • The app provides users a safe testing area for unfamiliar programs, which prevents unwanted malicies from infecting their computer, although this program is perhaps best used by experienced users or users with at least a basic knowledge of how sandboxing programs work or the patience to read through instructions.
  • Due to Sandboxie's fairly small file size, it will not take up much space on personal computers.


  • Unfortunately, Sandboxie may not be compatible with all programs.

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